Low Cost Activities For Students

You’re all burn out from those studying and assignments, you need a timeout. But all of the outdoor activities are mostly expensive, but here’s we have listed a activities that are fun and cheap won’t hurt your wallet too much.


Ministry of Paintball have the best money saving tips and coupons and Virgin Days Experience have sites all around the country and are currently offering #15 per individual to get a full days entry, gun hire, cammo ensemble, gas refills and ammo pack.

What is more there are plenty of companies looking to supply large collections of students cheap paintballing.

What more could one possibly want from a day of fun and frolicking from the outdoors?

White-Water Rafting

As long as you don’t mind getting soaked and cold then white water rafting is a delightfully fun thrill-seeker encounter. You do not need any previous experience the guides will steer you safely through the rapids, the price is marvellously low and you can delight in this little adventure sport all over the country.

Prices vary from #29 and pp, or #57 for two people and you can experience these watery delights in Nottingham, Perthshire, Scotland, Northamptonshire, Llangollen and Cardiff. For more details visit Into The Blue.

Mountain Biking

Do you get your kicks chucking yourself down mountains and rugged ravines? A pastime perfect for the summer months; it will get you and your teammates from your laptops/screens in general, and outside in the big wide world while the weather is not too awful.

Mountain biking will take you to regions of the country you have not seen before because you research the hills the UK has to offer you. Pump up your own pajamas, dust off the cobwebs out of the handle bars and open your eyes to the mountain biking routes of the UK via Mountain Bike Routes UK.