Make Money By Selling Your Hair

Broke? Need Them Cash To Flow? Work That Hair Then

Life as a student can be a real struggle, financially especially. But did you know you can make money using your hair? But worry about jumping into the scene? Well, worry not! We will give you tips before you start selling your fabulous hair.


If you’re short of a bob or two, a pair of scissors is all that stands between you and a couple of hundred quid — appropriate?

But while promoting your hair is not exactly a fast way to generate cash (unless you have already got a mind of healthy locks prepared for a-snipping), there’s some easy money to be made if you are planning on growing it anyhow.

Here’s what you need to learn to get ahead of the hair marketplace!

Human Hair Is Getting Popular

When it’s for weaves, extensions or wigs, human hair is in demand — and it is not just about fashion, possibly. Individuals may lose their particular for all types of reasons, from aging to illness or merely the luck of the draw.

Human hair is favored for extensions and wigs rather than artificial for exactly the very same reasons it seems good growing from your mind: it seems natural, and it’s easy to clean, color or style. Y

No matter the reason, so there are a number of areas to correct your tresses.

That Hair On Top What Counts

Only in case you’re wondering — wig makers would like to have the hair out of your head. You will find places to sell ‘other’ types of hair but we’ll let you sniff those out on your own…

The fantastic thing is that hair harvesting is not only for girly girls: there is no reason why guys can not get in to the action, also.

If that sounds wonderfully egalitarian, keep in mind that cultural demand varies massively around the world, with one UK hair handler saying they cover less for Asian hair than Caucasian.

You Have To Be…….Hairy

You have probably seen advertisements offering around #200 to your fatty locks, but if this appears to be a brief cut to simple money … it is not.

Read the small print and you will discover payment generally begins at approximately #15 for a minimum of 10 inches of hair. That is roughly equal to beginning with shoulder-length cutting and hair all but a couple of inches away — and you will get less than the purchase price of the typical haircut!

This is 1 time it is worth it to be thick!

Make Sure To Have A Plan

So, the money’s not great — unless you plan in advance. And, given hair grows only 6 inches a year (if you’re lucky), we could be talking serious preparation.

For starters, the big money is in long hair: you will need at least 16 inches of even hair (it won’t work when you’ve layers) to make between #50 and #150.

Note the range, too — just how much you really get is dependent upon the way in which the buyer assesses the condition of your tresses.

Do Not Use Anything On Your Hair

To stand a good prospect of promoting your own hair, it is must be in exceptional, natural state: not colored, lightened, chemically treated or damaged in any manner (like sun damage).

It does not mean that you can not have done these things previously. It does mean that you’ll need to grow outside and lop off these pieces before you may focus on harvesting the fantastic stuff. Did we say it might take you years to cash-in?

Don’t Just Blindly Cut The Hair Off

You might wind up kicking yourself if you do not adhere to the rules until you catch the shears! Fortunately, there are just a few to remember:

Some businesses will not accept anything aside from freshly chopped hair, and thus don’t hack it off till you locate a purchaser!
Hair has to be tightly fastened, typically in a ponytail, until you cut off it. Some buyers also state it should be a ponytail rather than a braid — but check yourself!
You do not need to see a hairdresser to get your hair trimmed, but ensure that to know what is expected before getting a go.