The Best Money Saving Apps For You

Load up your smartphone with these supreme money saving programs and you’ll have more money in your pocket in no time!

Without sounding too similar to the granny, smartphones have altered the way we do pretty much anything in existence, and saving money is no exception.

There are absolutely hundreds of programs out there using the only goal of assisting you to save — it is only a matter of digging them out and exercising which ones would be best.

Fortunately for you, we have rolled our sleeves up and done the hard work for you by testing and trying some of the very well-known savings programs out there. We have checked out everything from personal finance programs, to cashback programs, to apps which tell you exactly what to cook with your remaining pieces.

Here are our favorites! And if you are following some programs to boost your student lifestyle, take a look at our listing of apps which each student requirements.

The Apps To Help You And Your Finance


Great for: Understanding your spending, and Learning How to budget
Telephones: iPhone, Android

Monzo is basically a hybrid between a budgeting program and also a prepaid credit card (paid for by you, incidentally, no free cash demanded, unforts!) .

It is a Mastercard that is connected up to some nifty little program that let’s you watch on where you invest your own money daily, sending you notifications every time your card is used and how much you really invested.

We enjoy how employing a prepaid card such as this means that you may skip out needing to input any spending manually into a budgeting program or recorder, so no trades are abandoned.

In this manner, you are given a very clear and precise idea of your outgoings (and bonus points to the adorable categorised spending charts).

The opposite side of matters is the more comfortable you become with your daily, weekly and monthly spending, the more conscious you’re be of what money you have spare to deal with yourself with!

What we enjoy about Monzo: It puts the pleasure back into budgeting with gamifying matters a bit –, it is rather fun when you get a notification that you hit your monthly supermarket… till you realise that beans on toast for a week.


Good for: Debt collecting!

Price: FREE | Phones: iPhone, Android

Whether you’re splitting a restaurant bill, chipping in for a friend’s birthday present or doing a communal food shop, it’s easy to eliminate track of who owes who and how much. What is worse is that the entire process of collecting what you are owed could be a significant hassle, and a bit awkward between buddies.

Payfriendz is a great solution for this issue, since you’re able to use the app to send someone cash or request (politely currently!)

The only irritating thing is that you want to transfer money into your PayFriendz accounts in order to pay out, but that’s pretty easy once you hook your lender along with your own account.

They also occasionally have a temporary friend(z) referral scheme running where you’ll get #10 charge for every three people you sign up to this ceremony. Follow them on twitter to learn when the next referral scheme is operating.

What we like most about PayFriendz: There is a messaging function so you can keep money discussions separate from whatsapp.

ATM Hunter

Good for: Finding free cash machines

Cost: FREE | Phones: Android, iPhone, Blackberry

This is a great little app, especially for those days and nights out in a city you don’t know so well. We’ve all been in that annoying situation where you’re running about like a headless chicken looking for a cash machine ’cause you’re in a bar that only takes cash, or their card machine is broken.

What’s even worse is if you finally end your headless chicken pilgrimage only to find that the ATM you’ve managed to hunt down charges an arm and a leg just to use it. Seriously?

The ATM hunter app uses geolocation to find all of the nearest cashpoints in your area and display them on a map. It even tells you which ones charge and which ones don’t – it’s like a gift from above!

What we like most about ATM Hunter: You can also filter the search so it only shows cashpoints from your own bank.